Galiano Variety Show 2013Radio Galiano International, By Sylvie Beauregard

The Galiano Variety Show is back for its third year and this year we are mounting a mock radio show, sort of in the vein of the “Prairie Home Companion”, staged with a live audience and mock simultaneous broadcast around the world via the not so Serious Satellite. Join us in the audience for the live taping of Radio Galiano International.  The evening is sure to entertain you with sketches, traffic reports, local news, mock interviews, and music and commercials, as well as interviews with some interesting global characters like Silvio Berlusconi and Benedict 16th’s butler. All entertainers are from our own little island with an important contribution from CBC.

This is our most popular annual fundraising event and an important source of funding for health care on Galiano.

Let’s see you all at the South Hall on April 12th and 13th at 7:30 pm. Advance tickets on sale for $15 at Galiano Island Books and the Health Care Clinic.  The doors open at 6:00 for libations and edibles, and of course, to get the very best seat in the house!