Request for Proposal

Planned Giving Contractor

Galiano Heath Care Society (

Project Overview:  To develop and support the implementation of a comprehensive, turn-key planned giving program  for the Galiano Health Care Society: a small, community- based health care organization with limited resources. 

Project Goals- See Scope of Work posted below.

Submission Requirements

1.  Three to four page written submission that addresses the scope of work as outlined.

2.  Qualifications and experience of contractor

3.  Description of quarterly term reviews and date for reviews

4.  Timeline for completion

5.  Budget including total cost of the project


• Level of Proponent’s successful experience in establishing Planned Giving Programs for small non-profit organizations and interview 25%

• Quality of Proposal with sufficient details on development steps, example of proposed timelines,  anticipated information needs, and expected level of participation of board and fundraising committee to meet proposed timelines 25%

• Fixed Price Contract and Clear Deliverables 35%

• Quality of References relevant to the application. 15%

Instructions to Proponents

The Proposal should be emailed to: 

Lindsay Williams, Director of Operations, GHCS 

Closing date: Proposals will be accepted up to 4:00 p.m., local time Friday, January 19, 2024. 

Date of Completion:   RFP submitted by Jan. 19 2024  

Contract to be awarded Feb. 1, 2024

Project to be completed by May 30, 2024

Galiano Health Care Society
Planned Giving Contractor Scope of Work

To develop, recommend to the Board and support the implementation of a comprehensive Planned Giving Program for the Galiano Health Care Society (GHCS).  

Specific contract deliverables will include but may not be limited to:

  1. Outlining the types of planned gifts GHCS may receive and what is required to encourage, accept and process such gifts.
  2. Preparing a comprehensive Donor Action Plan that focuses on relationship building including donor identification, engagement strategies to support Planned Giving and a recognition program that differentiates the continuum of donor contributions i.e. new, loyal, annual, major gifts, and planned giving.
  3. Identifying and/or developing a comprehensive system to increase organizational readiness for receiving, acknowledging, tracking and integrating gifts to GHCS.
  4. Drafting marketing and support materials for GHCS’s Planned Giving Program (print, electronic, social media, etc.).
  5. Working with a web designer to expand the GHCS website to enhance outreach in the community and to encourage and facilitate donations.
  6. Developing the draft policies that will be required to implement and support an ongoing Planned Giving Program for the GHCS.
  7. Preparing an orientation program on the planned giving process for Board members and staff to ensure continuity of the program.

Experience and Skills

Successful experience with planned giving that is transferable to the creation of a turn key program for implementation at a small, community-based health care organization with limited resources.  

Demonstrated knowledge of what is required to attract, receive, manage and utilize planned and major gifts. 

Strong marketing and communication skills.

Certification (such as CFRE) in fundraising and / or planned giving with a focus on health care is desirable.  

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