The Galiano Dental Clinic is located in Room 4 of the Galiano Health Care Centre. It is a fully equipped clinic, and can serve all your dental needs.

The Dental Clinic is open 4-5 days per month and appointments or inquiries can be made at 250-539-2939.

Our dentist is Dr. Eha Onno, DMD.

Registered Dental Hygienist Maureen Kelly is offering hygiene services 2 days per month, so please call us for an appointment.

The Galiano Dental Clinic aims to provide kind, high quality dental care to island residents, with an emphasis on access to care. The Clinic provides all basic dental procedures including dental hygiene, fillings, crowns, extractions, and cancer screening. We make referrals for you to other practitioners for complex or specialized care. We follow the BC Dental Association Fee Guide. We can help you make claims to your insurance company, though in most circumstances we require payment for services on the day of service. In some cases, we can provide a payment plan to help with costs.

For each new patient, we will examine your teeth and soft tissues. That will allow us to diagnose dental decay, gum disease, etc. We will make a treatment plan guided by your oral health goals and our findings. We can help prioritize your treatment needs.

If you choose to seek some of your care at another dental office, just let us know. It is helpful for us to have the contact information for that practitioner so that we can best coordinate your care. For instance, you may choose to have hygiene treatment on Galiano, but see your regular dentist off island

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