The Galiano Dental Clinic is located in Room 4 of the Galiano Health Care Centre. It is a fully equipped clinic, and can serve all your dental needs.

The Dental Clinic is open 4-5 days per month and appointments or inquiries can be made at 250-539-2939.

Our dentists are Dr. Eha Onno and Dr. Emma Marler.

Registered Dental Hygienist Maureen Kelly is offering hygiene services 2 days per month, so please call us for an appointment.

Dentistry During COVID

Our office has always used personal protective equipment (PPE). Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have instituted additional measures to keep you safe. First, our staff has received extra training in infection control and patient management.

Second, we are screening patients. By now, you are familiar with signs and symptoms of Covid19 infection. If you have any of the risk factors, please re-schedule your appointment. At the clinic you will be given a form before your appointment to ensure you are free of the risk factors and health-related issues. We ask that you wear a mask as you approach and come into the clinic. When you ring the Dental Doorbell at the clinic, one of staff will bring out forms for you to complete prior to entering the building. Dr.Onno will speak to you outside if there is a question about health issues and your personal risk.

We ask that you bring your own safety glasses to protect your eyes during the appointment. These can be your regular glasses or a pair of sunglasses. Also, if you bring a hand towel to roll up for a neck pillow it can make your visit more comfortable.

You will see some changes in scheduling your appointments and managing your financial and insurance transactions. Some of our fees have increased by a small percentage to reflect, among other things: the cost of providing service on the island, ordering supplies with shipping fees, transportation of laboratory cases to Victoria, increased time for operatory disinfection, and increased infection control items.

Currently we are doing a full range of treatment. Your individual circumstances will dictate whether the benefit of dental treatment outweighs the risk of attending the health care centre. As circumstances in the province change we will update this website page. Thank you for your patience and support.

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