Join us to engage in dialogue about aging on Galiano Island. Let’s talk about challenges and opportunities. Discuss resources available, reflect on resources needed, and contribute to planning that will impact our community in the years to come.

It’s an opportunity for islanders to gather and talk about ‘Aging in Place’. Questions we’ll be considering:

  • what are the important issues that we can talk about now?
  • what are the questions we can ask and perhaps answer now? ‘
  • what is the future we can create for seniors on Galiano?
  • What happens to our community when statistics show us that 60% of the residents are over 55 years of age?
  • What will Galiano be like in 20 years?

Please consider joining the gathering of folks on Saturday March 16 at the south community hall… come at 10:o0 for coffee, join in the café conversations, stay for lunch and plan for our communities next steps.For more information contact Nancy at . This event is targeted towards adults of all ages.