Date: March 11, 2013

Re: Random Acts of Kindness Week on Galiano Island

The GHCS mental health committee is organizing Random Acts of Kindness Week May 5-11 in recognition of Mental Health Week 2013.

Acts of kindness are a special sort of good manners; those of looking outside yourself, and having empathy towards and awareness of the experiences of those around you.   Life is full of stress. At work, at school, in traffic, at the grocery store, we regularly bump up against the sharp edges of someone who is angry and hurt; and often our day is darkened as we absorb some of their frustration, even bring it home at the end of the day and let it affect our relationships with family and friends.

Sometimes we forget that the reverse is just as true; a friendly smile from a stranger, a cheerful phone call from a friend, a compliment from a workmate, or a small unexpected gift can dissipate those negative feelings, and get the day back on track. In some instances an unexpected kindness can be life-changing.

We aim to make the whole community aware of this special week by asking each person on Galiano to commit to doing at least one random act of kindness during that week.  We will be having displays up at the bookstore and the library, give you a treat at participating businesses, and encouraging each of you to be supportive and appreciative of one another. It is our hope and intention that individuals, having increased consciousness of the effect that words and deeds have on others, will form a habit of kindness which they will continue to practice after the event. The entire community will benefit.

We are also asking you to record these acts of kindness either on our Facebook page “Random Acts of Kindness on Galiano Island”, or by sending us an email at  This information will help us gauge participation and be used for statistics for future endeavors.

Contact Person: Linda Ruedrich (Centre Manager) at 250-539-3230