Together we make health care happen!

The Galiano Health Care Society receives no government funding to run the health care clinic, and provide space and equipment for your health care providers. YOU are the essential link between quality local health care and the community.

The Society runs various fundraising activities during the calendar year, and we urge you to participate in any and all!

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Fundraising- Constant Community Support

Unlike the hospital emergency room or clinic you might visit in virtually any other community in the province, the Galiano Health Clinic does not receive a single dollar of tax money to fund its operations.

The fees for the doctors and nurses who work here and some of the emergency room supplies are funded in the same way they would be in other communities.  However, all of the costs of maintaining the facility, paying all support staff and providing a variety of programs within the community are paid for entirely by the Galiano Health Care Society a non-profit organization.  The operation of the Society is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, all of whom are volunteers.

Because we receive no outside funding, all of our operations are funded by donations from non-profit organisations such as the Galiano Thrift Store and various fund raising activities, like the very popular annual Galiano Wine Festival which occurs in August of each year, and which we would welcome you to attend.