Better At Home Program

Working using the arm of the Galiano Health Care Society, Community Wellness promotes health and well being for the Galiano community, responding to the needs expressed by islanders.  We offer support to individuals and families through the Transitions for Grieving and Dying group, confidential conversations through Transitions, support for caregivers through the Circle of Care, help with finding services off-island and more.  Seniors are our specialty.

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Sliding Scale

Single Income Household Income Subsidy
At or below $18,415 At or below $28,050 FULL (no cost)
$18,416 – $31,790 $28,051 – $55,665 $9.00/hour
$31,791 – $43,300 $55,666 – $88,200 $21/hour
Over $43,301 Over $88,200 $30/hour

These figures are based on information via the United Way of BC, gathered from the Cost of Living index.  Updated Annually.  We gratefully acknowledge the United Way for their funding of this program.

Set up with funding from the Provincial Government, administered provincially by the United Way of the Lower Mainland, there are 60 communities in BC that provide non-medical support services to assist seniors to stay independent and in their own homes. SGI Better at Home on Galiano is offering support services for seniors (those over 55 of age) in a two year pilot project. Services offered include: house cleaning, light gardening, small home repairs, grocery shopping, driving to appointments etc. Better at Home Galiano employs island residents to provide these services.

The Better At Home Galiano Program is designed to help seniors with simple, non-medical day-to-day tasks so that they can continue to live independently in their own homes. Better at Home Galiano offers services on a sliding scale, determined by your annual income.

Better at Home Galiano now has an office at the Health Centre, a phone line and an email. Our number is 250-539-0970 and the email is so if you have questions or comments about Better at Home, please be in touch with us.

Nancy McPhee, Program Co-ordinator