As many of you know, in the middle of May a physician in the Maritimes visited Galiano with his family, and then at the end of July and first part of August he did two weeks of sessional work on the island to further get to know the island and the clinic.  The bad news is that we recently heard that he is, at this time, not interested in pursuing the position.

 The good news is that another physician, this time from Alaska, will be visiting Galianao with his wife later this month to look at the position.  Everything so far indicates that he would be a good fit for Galiano.  He has extensive experience in practicing primary care medicine, and has many interests (kayaking, bird watching, etc.) that he could pursue on our island.  I have had a number of e-mail exchanges with him and so far there don`t appear to be any red flags, for either him or us, about the application.  We`ll keep you all posted with what will hopefully be good news in the near future,

 Jim Schmidt, Board President