Membership Helps Everyone

Whether you use the Health Care Centre for your primary physician, nurse practitioner, dental or hygiene needs, laboratory facilities, to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor, visit the Public Health Nurse with your infant or child,  or arrive here as the result of an emergency call, your membership funds and donations make these services possible.

The Health Care Centre is community funded. Government funds cover only salaries for the doctor and the nurse practitioner as well as some supplies in the Emergency Treatment Room. Everything else is provided through the efforts of fundraising by the Board of Directors.  Your participation is crucial and is appreciated by all the other residents and visitors to this island.  Be a community leader: support the Health Care Centre.

Ready to make a difference?

Individual Membership: $15 a year
Family Membership: $25 a year
Annual Sustaining Membership: $100 per person

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Membership applications can also be obtained from the Health Care Centre front desk, or contact the coordinator at 250-539-3753.

What does membership support?

  • Purchase of life saving equipment and up-to-date medical equipment for use in our treatment room.
  • Maintaining a free medical equipment loan service in partnership with the Red Cross
  • Liaising with VIHA to provide a core health care system including a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner  and emergency coverage through the First Call Nurse program
  • Providing and maintaining a helicopter pad for use by the local ambulance and air ambulance of BC
  • Maintaining and improving the Health Care Centre facility
  • Providing staff to ensure the facility is run in an organized, consistent and responsible manner
  • Providing health and wellness educational programs and workshops
  • Providing a Seniors Social program to support the most vulnerable among us
  • Providing a Palliative Care program
  • Providing a Friendly Visitors program and other volunteers
  • Maintaining a Medical Rides program and RX pick up.

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