Whether you use the Galiano Health Care Centre for your medical, dental or hygiene needs, laboratory facilities, to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor, visit the Public Health nurse with your infant or child, participate in one of our many volunteer programs, or arrive here as the result of an emergency call, the high quality of your health care is assured.

Family Physician Dr. Erin Carlson 250-539-3230
Family Nurse Practitioner Position Vacant 250-539-3230
Home Care Nurse Simonne Leblanc 250-539-5103
Public Health Nurse Maureen Newman 250-539-3099
Physiotherapist 250-539-2425
Dentist Dr Brian Nord or Locum 250-539-2939
Dental Hygienist Maureen Kelly 250-539-2939
Chiropractor Dr Sean Laidley 1-800-716-2996
Podiatrist Dr Bill Urton 250-539-3230
Naturopathic Medicine Dr Isis Van Loon 1-604-520-9819
Registered Massage Therapist Karri-Anne Friend 250-539-2628
Adult Addictions Worker Dave Vollrath 1-250-537-9971
Galiano Palliative Care Jan Adler 250-539-9907
Resource & Referral
Information Worker
Linda Ruedrich 250-539-5823
Family Counsellor Cindy Clark 250-222-0025
Youth Services 1-250-537-9971
Volunteer Services Linda Ruedrich 250-539-3753
Seniors Walk & Talk (each Tues AM) Jenelle Cooper 250-539-2422
Mental Health Programs Wendy Lloyd & Jenelle Cooper 250-539-3768
Medical Equipment Loan Linda Ruedrich 250-539-3753

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