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“The mission of the GHCS is to promote the health, the prevention of illness, and the well-being of the Galiano Island community in response to expressed community need.”


A well-equipped, community-minded and accessible health care centre for all islanders and visitors. Home of our excellent primary care practitioner, Community Health & Wellness programs and Allied Practitioners.

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The Society runs various fundraising activities during the calendar year, and we urge you to participate in any and all! Start making your plans now!

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The Galiano Health Care Society is supported 100% by fundraising efforts. You will know exactly where your donations are spent - delivering health care on Galiano.
  • Covid-19 Response

    We at Galiano Health Care Centre have been preparing for COVID19 as best we can. That said, islanders deserve to know the reality of our limited resources, so you can make the best decisions for your families and for people who may wish to visit. 

    We are a small one doctor/one nurse practitioner rural clinic providing primary care services to island residents. We do have the ability to stabilize acutely ill patients, which means a room with one resuscitation bed, IV support, oxygen and defibrillator, but the clinic does does not have a ventilation machine or lab testing or X-ray capacity. 

    The only option for higher level treatment is transfer off the island via water ambulance or helicopter, to hospital, which takes from 1 hour to several hours, and can be delayed due to rough weather or if the helicopter is busy with another ill patient. Most patients who may get COVID19 will not need to go to hospital, but the statistics show that 20% may need hospital care.

    Please consider the risk level of each member in your household and prospective visitors in the context of this information and choose the wisest place for them to safely self isolate or social distance for the next few weeks as we all get through this together. Islanders who have another home elsewhere, and who are vulnerable to COVID19 due to increased age or a medical condition, may want to wisely choose to self isolate where they can get to a hospital faster in a breathing emergency. 

    Your Galiano Health Care Centre staff

  • We are Building!

    We are Building!

    Dear Patients: Over the coming weeks the Health Centre may have some short closures as we move into the new wing of the clinic. These closures could happen on short notice, depending on the construction progress. Patients needing urgent and emergent care will still be seen. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards an enhanced Health Centre.
    The Basics

    The Basics

    (250) 539-3230

    Galiano Health Care Centre
    908 Burrill Road
    Galiano Island, BC
    V0N 1P0

    After hours on-call Doctor Pager:




    Monday - Friday  

    9am - 5pm

    Phones answered

    9am - 4pm

    Closed for lunch 12 - 1pm

    After hours

    The number to have the on call physician paged is 1-800-866-5602 Weekend on-call coverage is from Friday night 5pm to 8am on Monday morning. Always call 911 for a serious or life threatening emergency 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    In Attendance

    In Attendance

    Dr Erin Carlson

    Dr Stephanie von Dehn

    Ms. Sarah Jesshope, NP

    Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm

    Allied Practitioners : Varied - see Services

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  • “Quality health care” is something we can all agree on as a priority

    The Galiano Health Care Society is committed to providing an up-to-date, well equipped, community minded, inclusive and accessible health care centre for all islanders and visitors. This facility is the heart of health care on Galiano, and the home of our excellent primary care practitioners - Two Family Physicians and a Family Nurse Practitioner. (Medical Services)

    But we are not a one trick pony, as this website will reveal. Aging in Place, Community Wellness Programs, Better at Home, Mental Health and Wellness, Seniors Walk and Talk, Transitions in Dying & Grieving, are all Health Care Society initiatives, programs or partnerships designed with your life-long health in mind.

    As well, many allied health services locate themselves at the health centre: a weekly blood/specimen collection lab, the Home & Community Care Nurse, the Public Health Nurse, the Dentist and Hygienist, the Foot Care Nurse, the Chiropractor, and Physiotherapist.

    We are a virtual smorgasbord of health care offerings, and very proud of it.

    Please explore the wonderful pages on this website. We have tried to capture the essence of the Galiano Health Care Society and Centre.

    You too can contribute to our Centre's health by visiting our How to Help pages.

    Read on, to your health!

    Linda Ruedrich,
    Executive Director/Manager
    Galiano Health Care Society

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