Thank you to the Galiano community for your enthusiastic attendance at the Welcome and Thanks event held on October 16th at the South Community Hall. A special thank you to Leanne Rowand (NP) for her dedicated work as our only consistent primary care practitioner over the past three years. Gratitude to Jim Schmidt for his efforts as Past President that spearheaded the search for a new physician for Galiano. A big welcome to Dr Erin Carlson and nurse practitioner Jo Rippin – our new permanent members of the health care team.

The welcome event was a huge success – many dynamic conversations and positive energy – we are all very excited about our new team. The hall was filled to capacity which is a great indicator of the local support for the health centre and the large team of practitioners who care for us and our families.

A note of thanks also to Alison Colwell for a superb / delectable spread of treats for us to enjoy while visiting with Dr Carlson, Jo, Leanne and Jim.