Public Meeting on Finding a New Doctor on Galiano Island – July 24th, 2pm-Lion’s Hall


Dear Fellow Galiano Resident,

RE:  Public Meeting on Finding a Doctor for Galiano Island

As you are no doubt aware, since Dr. David Beaver left Galiano over a year ago we here on Galiano have been without a full-time physician.  I am writing on behalf of the Galiano Health Care Society to provide you with a brief update and invite you to a public meeting where we will be providing a lot more information about the current state of affairs, what the future holds and what you can do to help us again get a physician on Galiano and restore our former levels of health care. 

As a bit of a preview to that meeting, let me briefly share with you what has happened.  The GHCS this last year has faced a three-pronged challenge.  The first has been to assure that everything is being done to find a new [Read More…]

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Country Dance July 16th, South Hall




Get that cowboy or cowgirl outfit out of your wardrobe and compete in a contest for the best country western costumes at the GHCS dance benefit on July 16th. There will also be prizes for the best cross dressers. You may win a fancy restaurant meal or another beautiful prize offered by the members of the Chamber of Commerce. 

The musicians of Good Company : Claudette Bejtovic, Thijs Vermeulen and Phil Buller promise music to warm our heart, delight our ears and seduce our dancing feet. Dirk and Johanna, Sylvie and Linda, Heather McRae and Jenny Brooklin will perform each of song with the band. 

The Galiano Health Care Society owes many thanks to the Galiano Chamber of Commerce which has donated $1000 towards the replacement of the floor of the Health Care [Read More…]

Country Dance July 16th, South Hall2011-06-11T20:47:31-07:00

Grief as Transformation: a mother’s story (by Eileen Beaudine)


On March 16 Jan Adler and I shared some experiences of grief.   I told the story of my son Joshua, his tragic death, and mostly I focused on the ways I experienced grief in the years that followed his death.

Joshua’s father called me from Portland to tell me our son Josh had died by suicide.  Suicide attempts were not uncommon for Josh, as he had multiple mental diagnoses.  His first attempt was when he was in 5th grade, and throughout his 26 years attempts were frequent.  He would call me or another friend to be rescued after overdoses.  One week before his death, he was hospitalized for an attempt with pills.  He left the hospital against Dr.’s orders, disappeared for a few days, came back to his family, and then he told his brother by telephone he was going to hitch-hike to San Francisco to get away from things for a while.   [Read More…]

Grief as Transformation: a mother’s story (by Eileen Beaudine)2011-04-03T21:33:37-07:00

Volunteer Appreciation Tea March 27, 2011


On Sunday March 27, the Galiano Health Care Society held a tea at the South Hall  in appreciation of the many volunteers who donate time and energy to offer the best possible health care on the island. We were entertained by Jenny Sterling and Dan Elmes as well as Diane Laronde. Thank you to all the volunteers and let it be known that we are all very grateful to you.

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Galiano’s Got Talent- It Sure Does!


Cast of Galiano's Got Talent

I hope you were one of the people in the two sold out shows on the 12th and 13th of February that witnessed the fantastic and often hilarious talent Galiano islanders offered to the community as a fundraiser for the Galiano Health Care Society and Centre. The diversity of acts was impressive. We were at Studio 54 with Ginga’s original electro-funk, a smoky jazz bar with Genny Laronde, stand-up at Yuk-Yuk’s with an autobiographical genius version of her new life as Trustee with Sandy Pottle, and getting a glimpse into the underbelly of Galiano’s social life with Speed Dating Galiano Style.

These are just a few of the wonderful acts that came out to support health care on Galiano and gratitude is what we feel for their efforts to entertain and support us all.

The Health Care Society would like to thank the organizing dream team of Sylvie Beauregard, [Read More…]

Galiano’s Got Talent- It Sure Does!2011-02-16T23:01:43-08:00

Feb 12-13, 2011: Galiano’s Got Talent Variety Show


Galiano’s Got Talent Variety Show at the South Hall. Come and enjoy seeing residents of Galiano strut their struff for the benefit of the Galiano Island Health Society. There will be dance, comedy, music, skits and more.

Feb 12-13, 2011: Galiano’s Got Talent Variety Show2011-01-28T11:00:18-08:00
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