Random Acts Of Kindness – May 5th to 11th




Date: March 11, 2013

Re: Random Acts of Kindness Week on Galiano Island

The GHCS mental health committee is organizing Random Acts of Kindness Week May 5-11 in recognition of Mental Health Week 2013.

Acts of kindness are a special sort of good manners; those of looking outside yourself, and having empathy towards and awareness of the experiences of those around you.   Life is full of stress. At work, at school, in traffic, at the grocery store, we regularly bump up against the sharp edges of someone who is angry and hurt; and often our day is darkened as we absorb some of their frustration, even bring it home at the end of the day and let it affect our relationships with family and friends.

Sometimes we forget that the reverse is just as true; a friendly smile from a stranger, a cheerful phone call from a friend, a compliment from a workmate, or a small unexpected gift [Read More…]

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Variety Show – April 12th & 13th


Galiano Variety Show 2013Radio Galiano International, By Sylvie Beauregard

The Galiano Variety Show is back for its third year and this year we are mounting a mock radio show, sort of in the vein of the “Prairie Home Companion”, staged with a live audience and mock simultaneous broadcast around the world via the not so Serious Satellite. Join us in the audience for the live taping of Radio Galiano International.  The evening is sure to entertain you with sketches, traffic reports, local news, mock interviews, and music and commercials, as well as interviews with some interesting global characters like Silvio Berlusconi and Benedict 16th’s butler. All entertainers are from our own little island with an important contribution from CBC.

This is our most popular annual fundraising event and an important source of funding for health care on Galiano.

Let’s see you all at the South Hall on April 12th [Read More…]

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Aging in Place – Community Conversation – March 16th


Join us to engage in dialogue about aging on Galiano Island. Let’s talk about challenges and opportunities. Discuss resources available, reflect on resources needed, and contribute to planning that will impact our community in the years to come.

It’s an opportunity for islanders to gather and talk about ‘Aging in Place’. Questions we’ll be considering:

  • what are the important issues that we can talk about now?
  • what are the questions we can ask and perhaps answer now? ‘
  • what is the future we can create for seniors on Galiano?
  • What happens to our community when statistics show us that 60% of the residents are over 55 years of age?
  • What will Galiano be like in 20 years?

Please consider joining the gathering of folks on Saturday March 16 at the south community hall… come at 10:o0 for coffee, join in the café conversations, stay for lunch and plan for our communities next steps.For more information contact Nancy at galianosharp@gmail.com . [Read More…]

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AGM – April 27th 2013


The Galiano Health Care Society extends an invitation to Galiano residents to attend our Annual General Meeting on Saturday April 27th from 1-3pm at the South Community Hall. Join us to hear the latest news on doctor recruitment, island services, and plans for the coming year. Following the business meeting we will open the floor for discussion about a possible referendum later in 2013 that will allow us to seek support for  a new funding strategy. Contact Linda at the Clinic if you have questions. Hope to see you there!

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January 1st Annual Polar Bear Swim


Challenge a friend or family member to take a dip, and/or make a pledge in support of those who dare plunge into the waters at Montague…

Pledge forms available from December 1st

Will you accept the challenge?


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Community Presentation – October 13, 2012


The GHCS Mental Health Committee is pleased to announce that Dr Jim Schmidt, GHCS President, will be giving a public presentation titled “Brain Injury – Fact or Fiction”.

Date: Saturday October 13th

Venue: Page Drive Lounge (276 Georgeson Bay Rd)

Time: 1pm-3pm

Cost: By Donation

Refreshments provided.

No RSVP. For information phone Wendy at 250 539 3768

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Dance for the health of it! A benefit for the Galiano Health Care Society.


Come to the South Hall on July 28th to dance to the music of Diona Davies and her local band. This is a licenced event with BBQ. You will get a chance to go on stage and sing a song with the band and you can make your special request for a few dollars. Diona will entertain us with music from around the world and there will be local singers performing their own songs. Come to swing with us to a different beat!

Dance for the health of it! A benefit for the Galiano Health Care Society.2012-07-19T13:40:45-07:00

WINE FESTIVAL AUGUST 11, 2012- NB. No Minors or Pets Allowed Onsite


New liquor regulations are in effect in BC that require:

1) The Wine Festival is an adult only event; no minors can be on site

2) Fines of $230 for any liquor taken off site and for being intoxicated in a public place

3) Intoxicated patrons cannot be on roadways nor on site. Free shuttle will be available

4) Information booth on site to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable festival experience

5) We are working with the RCMP to ensure we are in compliance, but the Festival’s flavour remains the same

Also note that animals/pets are not permitted onsite at the festival.

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Don’t miss our second annual fundraiser “Galiano’s Got Talent- Keep The Health Care Ship Afloat”.

Saturday April 14th Doors at 6 PM Show time at 7:30 PM. Come have a pre-show drink and food. License event. PG 14

Sunday April 15th Doors at 12 noon, show time at 1 PM. Refreshment (non-alcoholic) and food. Families welcome. Free childcare both days.

A rendez-vous with laughter and community support.

The GHCS kindly thanks Shelley Gruendler for her wonderful artwork.


Andy Turner loses his hair, beard and mustache for Health Care on Galiano


Our own Andy Turner has agreed to take it all off for the Health Care, and we are asking you to make this come true by pledge your dollars to make it happen. We can all watch the happy event at the Country Dance fundraiser on July 16th and our island barber Cindy Crawford has agreed to divest Andy of every hair on his head and face (even his famous mustache). So PLEDGE, PLEDGE, PLEDGE and help Andy take it all off for a new floor at the Health Care Center.

Andy Turner loses his hair, beard and mustache for Health Care on Galiano2011-07-01T00:38:55-07:00
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