Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) are small portable machines that can check a person’s heart by automatically recognizing the beat rhythm. If the person’s heart rhythm is inadequate to keep the person alive, the machine can automatically administer an electric shock through the skin to the heart muscle. This small shock causes the heart to re-boot and then it may enter back into a normal rhythm. These machines have been proven to save lives in shopping malls, ice hockey rinks, sporting events and many other community places across the country.

Thanks to a number of private donors, plus the work of a small & busy group of local volunteers including the Galiano Health Care Society, Geoff Gaylor and other local business owners as well as interested islanders, Galiano Island is now installing 13 AED’s in prominent places. A map/list of locations will be available shortly. With many locations anyone witnessing a person’s collapse in the community can quickly access a defibrillator. The defibrillator will decide if it can/should shock the person’s heart.

Operating an AED is straight forward – there are voice prompts from the machine all the way. But in case you are unsure, there will be free classes available soon to teach you how to use an AED and explain it’s role in the resuscitation process. An AED does not replace CPR, but it is a valuable tool.

If you have any questions about our AED program or if you wish to borrow a loaner AED for your on-island event (at no cost) please email us at

For information about our AED’s check out the Iridia website

The on-island course/orientation schedule for AED’s: (note these sessions are orientation only – not certified courses. Details for certified AED/CPR courses will follow)

Sunday March 15th at 1pm at the North Community Hall – contact Eileen Beaudine for details

Saturday March 21st at 10am at the South Galiano Fire Hall – contact Chris Terpenning at 250 539 2131 ;