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Volunteer and Community Services – A vital organization addressing vital needs

The GHCs supports a variety of volunteer and community service initiatives on Galiano. There are a large group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time to make Galiano a more caring and accessible place to live.  Our programs focus on seniors health, mental health and wellness, chronic disease management, palliative & grieving support and services to help people stay engaged in life.  We also have a Volunteer Services Committee of the Board that looks at upcoming needs in the community and how we might partner to have these addressed.

Seniors Walk & Talk

Every Tuesday morning (rain or shine) local seniors meet at the Lion’s Field to walk around the paved track (1/4 mile loop). The walk is appropriate for people of all abilities. The walk is followed by tea, coffee and baked goodies to share while engaging in great conversation with friends. Everyone is welcome to attend including seniors, caregivers and those young at heart. Volunteers assist with driving, catering, and companionship.

Contact person is Jenelle Cooper at 250 539 2422.

Volunteer Driver Program

Volunteer driving services are available for those island residents who are unable to drive themselves due to ill health, disabilities, loss of license and other circumstances.  Volunteer drivers take residents to medical and dental appointments on island,  pick up prescriptions when they are in town, assist with shopping errands on island, and can arrange off-island rides through the Beacon Community Service driver program.  This is one of the invaluable services that help to keep Seniors in their community when health or age becomes a mobility issue.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place is an important part of the fabric of the Galiano community. Working under the Community Wellness umbrella, the program aims to link seniors with a variety of activities. To do this, Aging in Place partners with other organizations. Programs such as Supper’s Ready with the Galiano Food Program, the Tech Café with the Galiano Library are a couple of examples. We operate the Volunteer Driver program, helping people get to appointments both on and off island. Aging in Place also works with the health professionals at the GHCS to provide educational programs such as Advance Care Planning and other health related topics of interest.

Volunteer opportunities are also coordinated by the Aging in Place staff include volunteer visitors, drivers, resource navigators and more. For information on these opportunities, call the Community Wellness office at 250-539-0970.

Better at Home

Visit our Better At Home page for further information about this pilot project that is making a difference for seniors on Galiano who need some assistance with chores in order to remain living in their own home.

Mental Health and Substance Use

The goal of the mental health and wellness program is to improve and maintain the mental health and wellness of the Galiano community, through advocacy and outreach, program development, fundraising for needed services, and maintaining accurate statistics of need.

Contact details:

Family member contact: John McNally – Island Health Addictions Counsellor  250-538-4849

Transitions in Dying & Grieving

TransitionsTransitions in Dying and Grieving is a team based program that brings services related to dying, death, and bereavement into the homes of those seeking support at profound and often challenging moments within the life cycle. Our volunteer team includes Jan Adler, co-ordinator of the program, who offers psychological counselling and interfaith chaplaincy to individuals who are experiencing late stage illness and to their family members, and Jean Krebs, Janice Oakley, and Nancy McPhee who are trained caregivers offering respite to the family and companionship to the client. Dr. Erin Carlson, Galiano’s physician and Simone LeBlanc RN, director of home health services, complete our team in offering medical presence and expertise. Confidentiality is our core commitment.

We also offer grief counselling to individuals and small groups who have lost loved ones recently or long ago. Our community services include assistance in planning and leading memorial services as well as crisis counselling for those touched by sudden deaths. Books concerning dying, death, grief or loss are available at the Galiano Library. A public forum regarding information about practical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of dying or grieving is offered to the community annually.

Our services are offered in association with The Galiano Health Care Society. Referrals come from the Galiano Health Care Centre and private individuals. Our brochure is available at the Galiano Health Care Centre.

For more information, contact the co-ordinator: Jan Adler at 250-539-5862.


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