Aging in Place – Community Conversation – March 16th

Join us to engage in dialogue about aging on Galiano Island. Let’s talk about challenges and opportunities. Discuss resources available, reflect on resources needed, and contribute to planning that will impact our community in the years to come.

It’s an opportunity for islanders to gather and talk about ‘Aging in Place’. Questions we’ll be considering:

  • what are the important issues that we can talk about now?
  • what are the questions we can ask and perhaps answer now? ‘
  • what is the future we can create for seniors on Galiano?
  • What happens to our community when statistics show us that 60% of the residents are over 55 years of age?
  • What will Galiano be like in 20 years?

Please consider joining the gathering of folks on Saturday March 16 at the south community hall… come at 10:o0 for coffee, join in the café conversations, stay for lunch and plan for our communities next steps.For more information contact Nancy at . This event is targeted towards adults of all ages.

AGM – April 27th 2013

The Galiano Health Care Society extends an invitation to Galiano residents to attend our Annual General Meeting on Saturday April 27th from 1-3pm at the South Community Hall. Join us to hear the latest news on doctor recruitment, island services, and plans for the coming year. Following the business meeting we will open the floor for discussion about a possible referendum later in 2013 that will allow us to seek support for  a new funding strategy. Contact Linda at the Clinic if you have questions. Hope to see you there!

Community Presentation – October 13, 2012

The GHCS Mental Health Committee is pleased to announce that Dr Jim Schmidt, GHCS President, will be giving a public presentation titled “Brain Injury – Fact or Fiction”.

Date: Saturday October 13th

Venue: Page Drive Lounge (276 Georgeson Bay Rd)

Time: 1pm-3pm

Cost: By Donation

Refreshments provided.

No RSVP. For information phone Wendy at 250 539 3768

Dance for the health of it! A benefit for the Galiano Health Care Society.

Come to the South Hall on July 28th to dance to the music of Diona Davies and her local band. This is a licenced event with BBQ. You will get a chance to go on stage and sing a song with the band and you can make your special request for a few dollars. Diona will entertain us with music from around the world and there will be local singers performing their own songs. Come to swing with us to a different beat!

WINE FESTIVAL AUGUST 11, 2012- NB. No Minors or Pets Allowed Onsite

New liquor regulations are in effect in BC that require:

1) The Wine Festival is an adult only event; no minors can be on site

2) Fines of $230 for any liquor taken off site and for being intoxicated in a public place

3) Intoxicated patrons cannot be on roadways nor on site. Free shuttle will be available

4) Information booth on site to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable festival experience

5) We are working with the RCMP to ensure we are in compliance, but the Festival’s flavour remains the same

Also note that animals/pets are not permitted onsite at the festival.


Don’t miss our second annual fundraiser “Galiano’s Got Talent- Keep The Health Care Ship Afloat”.

Saturday April 14th Doors at 6 PM Show time at 7:30 PM. Come have a pre-show drink and food. License event. PG 14

Sunday April 15th Doors at 12 noon, show time at 1 PM. Refreshment (non-alcoholic) and food. Families welcome. Free childcare both days.

A rendez-vous with laughter and community support.

The GHCS kindly thanks Shelley Gruendler for her wonderful artwork.

Andy Turner loses his hair, beard and mustache for Health Care on Galiano

Our own Andy Turner has agreed to take it all off for the Health Care, and we are asking you to make this come true by pledge your dollars to make it happen. We can all watch the happy event at the Country Dance fundraiser on July 16th and our island barber Cindy Crawford has agreed to divest Andy of every hair on his head and face (even his famous mustache). So PLEDGE, PLEDGE, PLEDGE and help Andy take it all off for a new floor at the Health Care Center.

Public Meeting on Finding a New Doctor on Galiano Island – July 24th, 2pm-Lion’s Hall

Dear Fellow Galiano Resident,

RE:  Public Meeting on Finding a Doctor for Galiano Island

As you are no doubt aware, since Dr. David Beaver left Galiano over a year ago we here on Galiano have been without a full-time physician.  I am writing on behalf of the Galiano Health Care Society to provide you with a brief update and invite you to a public meeting where we will be providing a lot more information about the current state of affairs, what the future holds and what you can do to help us again get a physician on Galiano and restore our former levels of health care. 

As a bit of a preview to that meeting, let me briefly share with you what has happened.  The GHCS this last year has faced a three-pronged challenge.  The first has been to assure that everything is being done to find a new doctor for Galiano.  The second has been to assure that we have adequate medical coverage for islanders in the meantime.  The third has been to maintain some sort of financial viability in the face of greatly increased costs and loss of income for the GHCS.

As to finding a new physician, let me give you a very brief history.  Some years ago, the entire province was divided into five regions, each of which has a “Health Authority” to oversee all medical/health care in that region.  We are under the Vancouver Island Health Authority or VIHA.  The family doctor on Galiano is actually a contract employee of VIHA, not the GHCS, and it is VIHA’s job to recruit candidates for that position.  VIHA has actively worked to find such candidates through a number of channels but to date has been unsuccessful.

Providing medical coverage until a full-time physician can be found is also the responsibility of VIHA, through the Ministry of Health’s locum program.  Coverage consists of two components.  The first is provision of medical services during regular clinic hours.  The second is provision of emergency medical services during non-clinic hours (that is, week nights and weekends)  We have received consistent funding for the clinic coverage, although VIHA has not always been successful in finding someone to fill those locum positions.  This is why there are some weeks when we don’t have a doctor on Galiano.  The money is there and attempts have been made to recruit one each week, but sometimes there simply isn’t an applicant for the position so it remains unfilled.  The issue of night and weekend emergency coverage has been much more problematic.  This is a very complex situation which will be discussed in detail at the meeting, but what it boils down to is that for many week nights and virtually all weekends we have no medical coverage, something we did have when Dr. Beaver was here.  We do have on-call nursing coverage on two weekends each month but have nothing beyond the level of first responders and/or ambulance attendants on the other two weekends each month.  This situation is, in the view of the GHCS board, completely unacceptable.  We have expressed our concerns to the Ministry of Health and VIHA but to date the situation remains unresolved.

Our third problem has been sustaining the financial viability of the GHCS.  The loss of the doctor has meant loss of income (in the form of rent) and increased costs (in the form of office staff salaries etc.) which have come on top of numerous other costs we face with a steadily aging facility (e.g., the need to replace the flooring, to earthquake-proof the treatment areas, etc.)  Through the efforts and support of many board members and residents we have raised more money this year than ever, but the gap still remains.

This brings us to the point of this letter, which is, what can we do, working together, to correct this situation?  We would ask you to do three things. 

  • First, please continue to use the clinic for your health care needs.  We have a variety of health services available in addition to the locum, including a dentist, dental hygienist, nurse practitioner and many others.  The more you use the services at the clinic the easier it is for us to assure that our health care needs on Galiano are recognized and met. 
  • Second, please attend our meeting at the Lion’s Hall on Sunday July 24th at 2:00 pm to learn more about the situation and what we can do about it.  The goal of the GHCS is to assure that accessible medical care is available for all residents of and visitors to Galiano and with your help we believe that we can restore our previous levels of health care. 
  • Third, please support our fund-raising activities as much as possible.  If you’re not already a member, please join the society.  Consider making donations or bequests.  And last but not least buy tickets for the quilt raffle and attend our upcoming dance and the annual wine festival.


Thank you in advance for your help,

Jim Schmidt

                                                President, GHCS

Country Dance July 16th, South Hall

Poster designed by David Middleton



Get that cowboy or cowgirl outfit out of your wardrobe and compete in a contest for the best country western costumes at the GHCS dance benefit on July 16th. There will also be prizes for the best cross dressers. You may win a fancy restaurant meal or another beautiful prize offered by the members of the Chamber of Commerce. 

The musicians of Good Company : Claudette Bejtovic, Thijs Vermeulen and Phil Buller promise music to warm our heart, delight our ears and seduce our dancing feet. Dirk and Johanna, Sylvie and Linda, Heather McRae and Jenny Brooklin will perform each of song with the band. 

The Galiano Health Care Society owes many thanks to the Galiano Chamber of Commerce which has donated $1000 towards the replacement of the floor of the Health Care Center. We also wish to express our gratitude to the many merchants, restaurant and other business owners for their generous donations of prizes for our upcoming July 16th dance benefit.